Our firm was founded in the year 1975 for productions of food & machinery for food industry. Since then, diversifying our production of machinery, we produced our first extruder in 1990 with the capacity of 750 kg/hr. for processing soya, dry extrusion for full fat & we were the first producer in the country of TURKEY. As the market demanded, we increased our capacity and variations. In the year 2004, we are producing dry and wet extruders with the capacity ranging from 250-7500 kg/hr.

In 1990, we decided to explore a new market with great potential. After an extensive research for a year, we decided to produce “Feed-Extruders”. The advantage of it was that we were already familiar with the product and the machine with our familiarity of machinery and feed industry for over 15 years. As we started manufacturing extruders, now almost 15 years later, we exceeded what we had in mind for the present time.

Our factory is placed on a 10250 sg.m. land and 3750 sg.m. of which is enclosed. Your extruder orders will be produced and shipped within a very reasonable time. We are producing complete machinery needed for full fat, Screen, Crusher. Cooler & Dryer and. Conveyor. In our production, we use the world known brands of bearings and siemens electrical parts.

Our aim is to produce & present the finest quality at a reasonable price. We are the first producer of extruder in Turkey & we sell more than any other producer in Turkey. We have extruders running without any problem at large poultry integrations for a long time. If needed be, we can name them at your request.
By talking to us about your extruder needs, you can be sure that you'll be on the winning side. Technical assistance, start up and spare parts problems will be nonexistent.


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